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Our Mission

Welcome to Mercariously, where we create core childhood memories and help adults hold onto the magic, imagination, creativity, and optimism that can so easily fades as we age!

We are passionate about providing a safe space online and one-of-a-kind in person entertainment experiences for people of all ages! 

We are also committed to raising awareness about water safety and environmental conservation. We believe that together, we can help make the world a better and brighter place!

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Mermaid Marvel

Marvel wasn’t always a mermaid; in fact, she was just like any other girl until one fateful day while swimming in Flathead Lake, she met Flessie*. The two quickly became close friends, and they had so much fun going on adventures together that Flessie decided to grant Marvel a wish. Marvel wished to have beautiful scales and be able to swim like Flessie, her wish was granted, and she became a mermaid!

Marvel is not just a mermaid; she is also a ‘professional mermaid performer’. This means she has undergone training, CPR certification, and is an experience entertainer and swim instructor. Marvel’s magical performances and workshops are available for events all over the world!

The Magic

Have you ever noticed that sometimes Marvel’s hair and tail look different? Well, that’s because of the magic in different places! Mermaids, like Marvel, are greatly influenced by the magic in their surroundings, which can change the color and length of their hair and the shape and look of their tails.

Marvel’s hair and tail normally match, and she’s usually seen with purple hair to match her purple tail, which she named Huckleberry.

Photo Credit: Adobe Firefly


The Flathead Lake Monster, also known as Flessie, is a mythical creature that inhabits Montana’s Flathead Lake.

According to local legend (and mermaid Marvel), Flessie is a large, serpent-like creature with a long, slender body and a dragon head. Possibly a cousin or relative of the more famous Loch Ness monster, Nessie. Other than mermaid Marvel very few people have claimed to see Flessie. Despite this, the legend of Flessie has captured the imagination of many and has become a popular folklore in Montana. If you visit Flathead Lake keep an eye out and try to catch a glimpse of the mysterious and elusive Flessie!

Mercariously FAQs

Answer: Mercariously is a mermaid entertainment business. It is also a safe space online for people to enjoy and experience magic, wonder, and whimsy at any age!

Answer: Mercariously (pronounced mercareiously) is a portmanteau or mashup of the words ‘mermaid’ and ‘vicariously’ because we wanted to create a magical safe space for people to be able to live vicariously as a mermaid, merman, or merfolk!

Answer: Mercariously is based in Montana. However, it is not limited to the Big Sky Country and is available to anyone worldwide with an internet connection.

Answer: We offer a variety of mermaid-themed entertainment options, both on dry land and in the water, for in-person and virtual appearances at events of all types and sizes, and for all ages. We have provided services for various occasions such as birthday parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and more (see our full list of services for more ideas).

Answer: We customize our packages to meet the specific needs and preferences of each individual client.

Answer: To book Marvel for an event, please fill out our online booking form or contact us by email at mermaidmarvel@gmail.com. Be sure to include the date, time, location, type of event you are interested in booking and any additional details to receive a quote.

Answer: Yes, Marvel is available to travel worldwide. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your event and to check availability.

Mermaid Marvel FAQs

Answer: The marvelous mermaid Marvel is a talented and experienced entertainer, certified in CPR, and making magical memories!

Answer: Mermaid Marvel is a mammal, which means she needs to come up to the surface to breathe air like a seal or a betta fish, unlike some ocean mermaids who are able to breathe underwater.

Answer: Mermaid Marvel sometimes wears goggles because she is a freshwater mermaid used to swimming in the clear lakes and rivers of Montana. However, when she swims at the Sip ‘N Dip Lounge or in pools, the chlorine can hurt her eyes. Additionally, goggles can act like glasses and help mermaids see farther underwater!

Answer: Mermaid Marvel is just like everyone else! She enjoys eating all kinds of food – her favorite is huckleberry ice cream – she sleeps in a comfy bed, and takes care of her personal hygiene just like you!

Answer: Marvel’s favorite color is purple – the color of huckleberries!

Answer: Marvel is over 7ft tall, from the top of her head to the tip of her tail!

Answer: No, mermaid Marvel has never met Ariel, even though she loves her movies. However, Marvel has mermaid friends who have had the pleasure of meeting Ariel!

Answer: Of course, Marvel is happy to be your friend! But it’s important to remember that online friendships can be tricky and one-sided. It’s called a parasocial relationship. As your mermaid friend, Marvel is here to share the magic and be a safe space for you. But remember, it’s important to have friends in person too!

Answer: “Just because something isn’t true, that’s no reason you can’t believe it… Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a person needs to believe in the most… Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. You see, a person should believe in those things, because those are the things worth believing in.” -Hub, Second Hand Lions 

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Hello, my name is Teegz and I am the founder, owner, and primary performer of Mercariously.

I discovered mermaiding through social media during my college years, and it quickly became a form of escapism for me, a way to cope with the reality of entering the workforce and the ‘real world’. 

After a year of searching, I finally purchased my hyper-realistic MerTailor hybrid silicone and neoprene mermaid tail second-hand from Australia. I named her Huckleberry, both for her purple shade and because she was my ‘huckleberry fin’. Although I was happy, it was a low point in my life when I felt like all the magic I had treasured in childhood was slipping through my fingers.

For nearly four years, Huckleberry sat in my spare bedroom before I realized that I would rather ‘fear regret than fearing failure’. I decided to dive into the deep end and pursue my passions. I quit my safe job as a Social Media Specialist at a well-known advertising agency and started Mercariously.

My mersona (mermaid persona), Marvel, is a tribute to both my grandfathers who were named Marvin and my love for the Marvel comics and movies. She is based on my inner child and embodies all the best parts of me.

While building Mercariously, I also honed my underwater skills and breath-holding technique and got recertified in CPR while working with the OG Montana mermaids at the world-famous Sip ‘N Dip Lounge. In addition to my experience instructing aqua aerobics and teaching swim lessons to young and often traumatized children, my education in advertising and marketing, and my background in acting and performance have equipped me with the ideal skillset for a ‘professional mermaid’ operating an entertainment business that specializes in creating magical memories.

For more non-mermaid but still exciting escapades, you can follow me @TeegzLife on all platforms.

When I was young, I wanted to be a dragon. But I was told I couldn’t be a dragon. So I aspired to be a knight. But I was told I couldn’t be a knight. I decided I would be an actor, but maybe I'll settle for being a mermaid.